Cuddle Bug

Currently trying to get homework done… I set her down next to me, but not touching me. She has slowly inched over. I have no idea how she does it because she’s barely 2 weeks old. But she loves the cuddles and I personally don’t mind. Here’s a closer look at my arm.❤️

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For an internship opportunity for my major, Chandler and I took a week to explore the beautiful city of Seattle Washington. In the airplane ride we made a bucket list based off a list Chandler had googled. Then we put them in order of where we thought would be best. Neither of us had ever […]

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Finally Adults

We made our first real adult purchase yesterday by finally getting couches. We’ve had a futon, cheap broken couch, and for the last few weeks a mattress to sit on in our living room. This was a big step up. The trick was fitting them through our tight hallway and doorway of our apartment. We […]

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Cross Country Tryout

We decided to try cross country skiing during our short visit to Idaho. We loved it! It’s the perfect thing for a good exercise, or for someone who hasn’t been skiing before. We even thought we could convince those that hate snow to like it because it’s so simple and fun. After watching a couple […]

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Run Run Reindeer

We supported the local family Christmas race this year in St George with all of the Harr family. It was a simple 5k. We did it in 25 minutes!! We’re grateful for the great community and their encouragement of family activities.  

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Skison has begun

My excuse for not writing is that: 1. Finals 2. Holiday season 3. Finals 4. Family 5. Skison started…so if we’re not doing anything, we’re on our way to the slopes. A few fun ones from the last few crazy weeks

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Gobble Gobble

We started our Thanksgiving with a beautiful hike in Brian Head (where we’re staying for the week). It’s been unlike every other year for me here in St George during the holiday season. I’m used to snow and cold. But the getaway to the mountains has been so nice and refreshing, although it isn’t that […]

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A mountain bike ride

We thought we’d break our current trend of rock climbing for a minute and talk about the fun bike ride we got to go on! Green Valley Loop is a Harr family tradition. I don’t know that any of them have ridden it less then 1,000x + even down to the littlest ones. When I […]

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