Our Weekend Bike Adventure

I woke up Saturday morning to Chandler shaking me to watch the sunrise. He asked me how I slept and I replied: “I’m not done yet, can I go back to bed now?” About an hour later I woke up to a “moooooo”. I was in the back of Chandler’s truck – very exposed to the outside world. Also, side note; I’m super scared of cows. So this moo wakes me up and I sat straight up looking at a giant black cow and yelling “moooooove cow! nobody wants you here, you don’t belong!”. Chandler looked at me and laughing said, “Haley, who is the one that doesn’t belong, the cow or you?”. I felt bad so after a little while of thinking it over, I apologized to the cows even though they were long gone from our camping spot.

We then got up and got ready for some sweet mountain biking.


It ended up being about 5 hours and 10 miles. I thought I might die at one point.

We were following this map in a book we had and obviously ended up in a place where other bikers hadn’t been yet that year (or maybe ever?). I sat down on a rock and wanted to give up. We had been going for a couple of hours uphill on a pretty technical route. Chandler came and sat next to me, reassuring me that we could do it. He then turned around, picked up my bike and put in on his shoulders, and started heading up the steep trail. DSC_0640

After a minute I put my bike on my shoulders, and he put his on his and we hiked up the mountain for at least a mile.


We got to an ice patch and I didn’t think I could make it. There was no way around, we had to go up. Chandler started digging his shoes into the ice to make somewhat of a ladder. I started falling and after a couple of steps I slipped and fell, my bike on top of me. Luckily there were no broken bones.


Once we got up the ice patch the view was worth the entire trip.


We decided to summit, because we were so close to the top.


I couldn’t have done it without this handsome husband of mine. He definitely pushes me to be better and try harder, and just when you think you’re ok…there’s another mountain to climb.


But the view is more than worth it.




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