Progressive Climbing

Chandler helped me learn how to climb. The first time I went was last summer, shortly after we were married. I was sooo scared and had no idea what I was doing.


We continued to go outside as much as we could until it was too cold.


Once it started snowing we found an indoor climbing gym super close to our apartment. We were super excited and have continued to go there at least once a week (usually more).


We love it so much we take our family when they are in town!

It’s definitely taken time, but it is now my favorite activity that we do!

Now that it’s warming up again we are starting to find fun places to go outside. DSC_0004




For memorial day weekend, we made our biggest climb yet. We did a multi-pitch! It was 4 pitches to the stop (so we had to stop 4 different times to belay one another up). I felt really cool but also slightly scared to be higher than where the birds were flying. Below is a picture of us and the top of our summit on the right hand side. IMG_20170529_141615_1


It has been so fun to see our progression and we are excited to keep working on it.

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