Headed Home

This last weekend we took the long way home and made a few stops.

Our first stop was the Tetons, our favorite place. We wanted to give our last goodbyes as we head south for the next couple of months. We went on a fun little hike. There were a lot of beautiful wildflowers. fullsizeoutput_86fullsizeoutput_8aIMG_20170715_181402

We then went back to our campsite where we set out all our bags including clothes and sleeping stuff. Chandler wanted to fish at a nearby stream so we set out, me with my camera and paint stuff, and Chandler with his fishing pole. About 2 miles from camp we found a good spot and Chan started fishing. fullsizeoutput_89

He kept moving upstream as I was painting a little bit and taking pictures. I decided to follow him. I took a few steps into the stream and slipped. Holding my hands high above the water with the camera and my painting pad in both hands, I started floating down the ice melted river. I wasn’t about to let that camera get wet. After a few seconds of shock, I tried getting myself out of the water. I finally was able to get up after letting go of my paint pad. It was either that or the camera; luckily the camera stayed dry but I was soaked head to toe. Chandler came racing after me and said we should probably head back to camp.

fullsizeoutput_65As we climbed out of the river and headed back, a big storm cloud came out of nowhere and it started pouring. Within 5 minutes there was really heavy rain and a lot of thunder and lightening. My biggest fear is getting struck by lightning and so I got super scared. We were walking back on the road but decided it would be safer to get close to trees. We crossed the street to some trees as the rain kept coming down harder. Now both of us were soaking wet and it was starting to get really cold. We realized that Chandler holding his fishing pole as we tried making our way across a meadow with a few little trees wasn’t the best thing during a lightning storm. We put the pole down and hid under a tree hoping that the storm would pass as soon as it had come. It then started hailing. We waited for a little bit and were talking about how we didn’t want to have to go back to camp and sleep in soaking wet sleeping bags with soaking wet clothes. We decided that we should try to hitchhike back to camp after it had been raining for over a half hour. We quickly got a ride with a cute little family traveling across the US. Once we finally got back to camp everything was very very wet. Our wood for a fire, all our clothes, and sleeping stuff…everything. We got it all inside the truck and decided we could get a hotel room for the night. So we made our way to the nearest Best Western.

Sunday after church in sweet Teton Valley we drove to Jackson and went for a little joyride. This was in the middle of our trail after 1/2 mile:


It was a fun little ride. We have officially decided we want a cabin in Teton Valley someday.


We then started heading south.

Monday was a traveling day of finding ourselves a good camp spot out of the rain. We slept in the back of the truck and have gotten real good at making our bed back there.


Chandler kept finding fishing spots


Tuesday we rode “The Crest” with Liesl. It was so awesome. We had heard a lot about this ride and were excited to finally get to do it.


Wednesday we saw the top of Twin Peaks and said that we were going to summit the mountain.

It was a really steep hike but super beautiful.


We almost made it to the top when it started raining. Because of our experience with thunderstorms, we didn’t want to get caught in a storm on top of a mountain again. So we decided to turn around. We didn’t give up, we just hit pause and we will hike it again when there aren’t scary rain clouds. It was still an awesome hike.

Now we’re home and enjoying this little break until school starts up again.

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