Multi pitch

We did a multi pitch a while back and absolutely loved it so we went and bought all the gear to be able to do it again. Then we never made it back. We’ve talked about doing another one for months…and finally got around to it yesterday.

The reason why you have to do it in multiple pitches is because the wall is a lot longer then the rope!

This is where we climbed yesterday: Prophesy Wall

A multi pitch is just like regular rock climbing, except when the first person gets to the chains, there is more rock to be climbed above. So they hook in and belay the 2nd person to that spot. The way you hook in is so:

  • 2 pink locking caribeners connected to long black and white sling tied to you and each one to a bolt.
  • Silver caribener with clove hitch knot tied from your end to the bolt for one more point of failure.
  • Yellow caribener with climbers end for diversion for person that is belaying.

(Hopefully that made sense…email or comment below for questions)

When person #2 gets to pitch #1 they hook in to those bottom links with the same system as person #1 and then the next (can be either person 1 or 2) climbs up to next pitch.

The one we did yesterday was 3 pitches. It was a really tall wall! We really enjoyed it, especially the view from the top.

The rapel down was done in 2 parts because we have a 70meter rope and it wasn’t long enough to take us all the way to the bottom

So cool. Definitely recommended. The one we did was rated 5.9 so it was an easy climb for us but we wanted to make sure we remembered what we were doing!

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