Gobble Gobble

We started our Thanksgiving with a beautiful hike in Brian Head (where we’re staying for the week). It’s been unlike every other year for me here in St George during the holiday season. I’m used to snow and cold. But the getaway to the mountains has been so nice and refreshing, although it isn’t that […]

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A mountain bike ride

We thought we’d break our current trend of rock climbing for a minute and talk about the fun bike ride we got to go on! Green Valley Loop is a Harr family tradition. I don’t know that any of them have ridden it less then 1,000x + even down to the littlest ones. When I […]

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Cold to Hot

Homework, work, Christmas projects, those could all wait until later. Normally, we get everything done BEFORE we go and have fun. But not today. After climbing out at Sunset Alley in the Utah Hills a few weeks ago, we wanted to check out another spot, the Soul Asylum. The drive was only about 15 miles from […]

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Yesterday’s Lunch Break

Even though it was Saturday, we still were trying to finish school and work up for the week. So we took a lunch break out at Green Valley Gap. Result: Beautiful day with some great climbs! Chandler sent this overhanging 5.11b. He’s working up to his goal of 5.12’s. Recently, he’s found a cool 5.11c […]

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Harr Style Halloween

We went climbing. We’ve wanted to try bouldering here, but don’t have a mat…so don’t tell anyone. But we bouldered without a mat and without rope #freeclimbing. We plan to get a mat for next time. But it was a lot of fun! They were short, easy routes but we enjoyed ourselves and it was a […]

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