For an internship opportunity for my major, Chandler and I took a week to explore the beautiful city of Seattle Washington.

In the airplane ride we made a bucket list based off a list Chandler had googled. Then we put them in order of where we thought would be best. Neither of us had ever been to Seattle so we were excited to explore a new place together.

We rented a car, got to our hotel and crashed!

The next morning we were up early to make it to the conference on time.

That evening our touring began.

First stop, the University of Washington. Chandler had also brought along his climbing shoes in case we had time to find a climbing gym. As we pulled into the University to find parking, we stumbled upon a neat outdoor bouldering section. So that was cool.

That campus is beautiful. We explored it for a while that night. We found the Shell, from a book that Chandler loves. We also walked to the law school building and enjoyed seeing all the other neat buildings and being right on shore! Everything was so green and the weather was perfect.

Next stop, gas works park

Our final stop for the night was to see the famous giant troll and the space needle.

We found a weirdly shaped museum next to the space needle so that’s what is pictured.

Day 3 we enjoyed another day at the conference. Then hurried off to Pike Place market afterword. That night we found a lot of fun shops, gum wall, the Ferris wheel, and alki beach.

Our 3rd and final night we went back to gum wall

We also went back to a few of the shops we had liked, and ate a delicious fish meal on the shore by Pike Place Market. We finished off the night at Dr. Jose Rizal park, marking off our last bucket list item.

Before flying out on Saturday we made a stop at the Seattle temple, adding it to and crossing it off our bucket list.

We loved Seattle and 10/10 would recommend it. It was super fun to explore a new place together.

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