Yesterday’s Lunch Break

Even though it was Saturday, we still were trying to finish school and work up for the week. So we took a lunch break out at Green Valley Gap. Result: Beautiful day with some great climbs! Chandler sent this overhanging 5.11b. He’s working up to his goal of 5.12’s. Recently, he’s found a cool 5.11c […]

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Harr Style Halloween

We went climbing. We’ve wanted to try bouldering here, but don’t have a mat…so don’t tell anyone. But we bouldered without a mat and without rope #freeclimbing. We plan to get a mat for next time. But it was a lot of fun! They were short, easy routes but we enjoyed ourselves and it was a […]

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On top of the World

We did a hike starting in the dark hours of the night up to the top of a mountain we had pointed at the morning before saying “lets get to the top of that tomorrow”. We wanted to get there by sunrise so we hurried up the steep slope. It was awesome to watch the […]

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Multi pitch

We did a multi pitch a while back and absolutely loved it so we went and bought all the gear to be able to do it again. Then we never made it back. We’ve talked about doing another one for months…and finally got around to it yesterday. The reason why you have to do it […]

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180 vision

My brother in law sells these 180 head lights. They’re awesome because we can climb early in the morning before the sun comes up, and late at night once the sub comes down. Climbing in the dark is really cool and adds a whole new element So we took them on a little adventure last […]

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Canyon #1

It’s been too long since I’ve posted I’m sorry! We did an awesome canyon in Zion National Park this last weekend. We’d done a few little canyons before, but nothing like this one. It required dry suits and lots of equipment. It was fun because all of us had different size suits and so we […]

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